Live from Moogfest | Atlas Sound

Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound

Bradford Cox (Atlas Sound)

Bradford Cox is not an idle man. Between his band, Deerhunter, and his solo moniker, Atlas Sound (the title  he has used since recording his own music at age 10 on a karaoke cassette machine) , he’s produced a trove of stellar music over the last five-plus years. Lately, I’ve given the Atlas Sound NPR recording from Moogfest a lot of listens. The set is a mix of a lot of songs, mostly comprised  from Logos and the upcoming Parallax (releases next Tuesday).

What I really enjoyed from the live set is the refinished, stripped down version of ‘Walkabout’, which you can hear in the live clip below at the 18:40 mark. This differs greatly from the original album version, which was performed with Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear). The album take has a far more poppy, dense sound. In the live set, singing solo, the lyrical content shines and gains a greater sense of purpose, almost playing out like a musical parable. The live version allows the lyrics, and Cox’s voice and tone delivering them, to shine as individual pieces rather than accompany the music as they did on the original. Both are excellent tracks and the stylistic difference between the two versions provide further example that Cox is becoming one of the best musicians of our time.

Atlas Sound, NPR, Live from Moogfest Recording (“Walkabout” begins at the 18:40 mark)

Atlas Sound Featuring Noah Lennox (Panda Bear) – “Walkabout” Video

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