Moon Killer Mixtape | Small Black

Small Black, a member of the Jagjaguar label, is a New York synth-pop group that began as a bedroom project in 2008.

Cover Art for Small Black | Moon Killer

Small Black | Moon Killer

Probably their most recognizable output is the Washed Out remix of the song “Despicable Dogs“,  from The Small Black EP (video below).

Small Black’s most recent effort, the 11-song Moon Killer mixtape, was released on 11.11.11. The mixtape, comprised of new songs, various samples, and collaborations with the likes of Das Racist‘s Heems, is a homage to Brooklyn, and pays respect to other songs that the band loves. The album can be downloaded free here.

Small Black – Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)

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One thought on “Moon Killer Mixtape | Small Black

  1. nickdrakedesign says:

    Hey, they weren’t playing anything from Moon Killer in these pics, but check out the shots my friend took while at a small venue in Kansas City:

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