20 Tracks | Best Songs of 2011

Reebok Pumps

2011 is going dark. Will it be remembered as the year that the masses bopped along to a dark song about a cowboy killer chasing down some kicks?  Was the kid after revenge or simply some Reebok Pumps? Did he recall Dee Brown dunking in those freshly pumped kicks? Or was he really after Jordans? Or Cons? Or Keds?

As I ponder that into the new year, here’s twenty of 2011’s truly best tracks, in alpha order*:

"Found Love in a Graveyard" | Veronica Falls

(*Note: I linked each song to videos on YouTube, either the official videos or the best versions of the tracks I could find. While all of worth the time, two of the better videos are “A Real Hero” and “NY is Killing Me.”)

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3 thoughts on “20 Tracks | Best Songs of 2011

  1. […] U” on many of the year’s best of lists. My personal favorite, which also appeared on my best tracks of 2011 list, is “NY is Killing Me” […]

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  3. […] 20 Tracks | Best Songs of 2011 […]

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