Bloc Party…is still Bloc Party?

Bloc Party

Earlier today, it was confirmed that Bloc Party will be releasing a new album in 2012.

I like Bloc Party, in particular the energy of Silent Alarm. The debut album is widely hailed as one of the best of the past decade. Sure the next few albums dragged (or droned) at times, and veered (or were too electronic or enhanced), changing the sound of the debut effort, but I think the full body of work is quite solid.

So, it seems strange that the band would take time to create a hoax that they are breaking up Bloc Party, be it auditioning new singers or rumors that a member (Kele Okereke or Matt Tong) has left the band. Maybe the rest of the band got tired of Kele-solo stuff and wanted to dump him and go their own way, not realizing how difficult that would be.

While I’d be interested to hear the band without Kele, the band can be spectacular with him. With all of the aforementioned drama, we can only hope the new 2012 album is up to snuff.  Perhaps the threat of breakup will breathe new life into the band.  We’ll be able to make up our minds soon enough.


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One thought on “Bloc Party…is still Bloc Party?

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