Color Me Obsessed | The Replacements Doc

Color Me Obsessed is the first documentary about the seminal 80s band (and one of my favorites bands of all time), The Replacements. Right now the film is screening across the US.

Rather than interviewing the band members themselves, director Gordon Bechard interviewed over 140 rockers, journalists and fans. The film also does not use any of the Replacements music.

Color Me Obsessed has gotten rave reviews from many critics, being billed as one of 2011’s best music docs by the likes of  A.V. Club, iMDB Rolling Stone, and The Village Voice and more. Note: Since there are no screenings that are convenient for me, I have not seen the film. I have requested a DVD screener and when the DVD is close to release in March or April, you can expect a full review.

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One thought on “Color Me Obsessed | The Replacements Doc

  1. […] in the week, I noted that the much-heralded Replacements (‘Mats) documentary, ‘Color Me Obsessed’, is […]

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