Coachella 2012 | Day One Snapshot

As noted earlier, I’m running through all three days of Coachella 2012 to point out my must-sees, medium interests, and low interest acts. Below is Day One. Coachella 2012 | Day One

Again, these are related to my tastes, which aren’t yours and aren’t those of most media, so please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments session.


  • M83 – Last year, I noted how I didn’t love Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming as much as most, but did readily admit that many songs on the album will sound amazing live. I’ve seen them live twice before, and this is my can’t miss show for Day One.
  • Girls – Two great albums back to back (and one of my favs of 2011). I’m excited to see them perform.
  • Explosions in the Sky – While I mentioned last year that Take Care, Take Care, Take Care was not my favorite EiTS album, I saw most of it performed last October and came away impressed. EiTS is an amazing live act. There is so much emotion and power conveyed in their music.
  • HorrorsSkying was one of my best of 2011. This is a band I enjoy and have wanted to see live for a while. I’ll get my chance here.
  • Neon Indian – I loved Psychic Chasms. I liked Era Extrana. I’ve seen Alan Palermo support both albums, supporting his debut in a show that wowed, and in support of his sophomore effort in a concert left me wanting. I’m looking to Coachella to help me draw my conclusions.
Coachella 2012 Poster (original lineup)

Coachella 2012 Poster (original lineup)

Medium Interests

  • Amon Tobin – I’ve read that the live show contains fantastic visuals and I will try to work this into my day.
  • The Rapture – The Rapture mix many musical genres,  and I believe they’ll be great live.
  • Pulp – I loved Brit-pop, and this will be a fun throwback.
  • Other Lives – I’ve seen them open up for Bat for Lashes a few years ago. Solid band who’ve grown since I saw them.

Low Interests

  • The Black Keys – I respect the Black Keys. They played Coachella in 2011 and I did not see them then either.  So, I’ll probably see what is in the other tents and stages to find my nightcap.
  • Jimmy Cliff – Meh. For some reason Cool Runnings is top of mind when I hear his name.
  • Refused  – A reunion show. They got a fairly large font size for a band I know nothing of.

What am I missing? Please comment below.


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