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SNL Blue Ivy Skit featuring JT as Bon Iver

By now most of the world has seen this Saturday Night Live skit from 2.18.12. But in case you haven’t, JT plays a stoic, and funny,  Bonny Bear (or Bon Iver).


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Bon Iver to Play “Saturday Night Live” on February 4th

Bon Iver, seemingly this year’s Arcade Fire (multiple Grammy nominations, Coachella date and serious mainstream recognition due to recent album) will play the long-running sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live on February 4th. Continue reading

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Eleven for 2011 | Best Albums of 2011

(Update 12/21: A Slacker Radio station featuring the artists in this best of list can be found here.)

Like many, I enjoy the end of year ritual of reading “best of” lists. It’s a nice way to expand your musical horizon, catch something you might have missed, or reconsider an opinion on an album you may have misjudged.

My list of 11 is unranked and unreasoned (see considering the best of). It is simply my favorites of the year, in alpha order, along with some that fell just below that first cusp.

Atlas Sound | Parallax

Atlas Sound | Parallax

If pressed, I’d probably point to Atlas Sound’s Parallax as my favorite of the year. It was a late year release and is in the rotation a lot at the moment. What sticks out about the album is that the songs sound familiar,even nostalgic, but are complex, in both layer and lyric. By adding up the sum of his last four efforts, two Deerhunter contributions and two stellar Atlas Sound solo efforts, it is easy to see that Bradford Cox is one of the best songwriters of our generation.

Continue reading

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Bands Reveal Their Top 10 Albums Of The Past 15 Years | NME

Over at NME as part of their 15 year anniversary, they are asking musicians to name their top 10 albums of the last 15 years.

The responses range from the usual (Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’) to the ridiculous (Ian Brown’s ‘Unfinished Monkey Business), new (Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s recent self-titled debut) to relatively unknown (Clor, ‘Clor’, a short-lived Brixton, UK five piece who draw Devo comparisons).  New Musical Express

The article is a fun read and forced me to create my own top 10 of the past 15 years: Continue reading

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S/T – Upon First Listen | Bon Iver

So I poured myself a glass of Andrew Rich Vitner and sat to listen to Bon Iver’s S/T, one of the albums I’ve been most looking forward to in 2011. Continue reading

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