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Cliff Martinez | “Drive” Soundtrack

Usually I lose interest in seeing a film if I miss opening weekend. By then I read the reviews, feel like I can wait for the non-feature release, and move on. This weekend, I definitely came late to the party in seeing Drive.

While not a perfect film, I thought Drive was one of the best films I’ve seen in recent years. In some ways, it reminded me of Gran Torino. I’m usually a sucker for noir, and this film was stylistic, even hailed as “neo-noir.” I’d draw a comparison to the style of Brick, but that is certainly unflattering to how well Drive is done. Through setting, score, acting, emotion, violence, cinematography, and even wardrobe, director Nicolas Winding Refn gave us a brilliant story with an open ending. It will be best viewed in a theatre. You’ve probably heard many say “go see the movie” while in the theatres, and I readily concur.

However, to me, what evoked the most resonance was the soundtrack. Continue reading

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