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20 Tracks | Best Songs of 2011

Reebok Pumps

2011 is going dark. Will it be remembered as the year that the masses bopped along to a dark song about a cowboy killer chasing down some kicks?  Was the kid after revenge or simply some Reebok Pumps? Did he recall Dee Brown dunking in those freshly pumped kicks? Or was he really after Jordans? Or Cons? Or Keds?

As I ponder that into the new year, here’s twenty of 2011’s truly best tracks, in alpha order*:

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Considering the Best of | 2011 Albums

In a few days, I’ll post the obligatory “best of”, my favorite Eleven Albums for 2011.

2011 was interesting because several of my favorite bands released new albums. However, in many cases, I considered their output as furthering the quality of their catalog, but not necessarily redefining themselves or topping their most cohesive, best works.

M83 | Hurry Up. We're Dreaming

For example, M83’s album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming featured a killer, infectious single, “Midnight City” (which Pitchfork named Best Track of the Year) and some other highlights, but not much cohesion, with so many tracks that seemed superfluous. In fact, I prefer 2008’s Saturdays = Youth, which was more shoegaze and less synth.

“Midnight City” | M83

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